The Sound Department – Austin is composed of a group of individuals dedicated to providing the best game audio services available. The principal active members have around 20 years of game audio experience each, and have seen all facets of the game development process. Not only do we leverage our audio experience, but also having worked in-house most of those years we have a keen insight into the non-audio disciplines and are able to communicate across the board with adeptness not possessed by many.

Music, Sound Design, Voice: Creatively we can supply everything you need to ship quality game audio in a timely fashion, delivered by professionals who understand the needs of the customer, within a budget you can handle. Like many creative types we each have strengths and weaknesses. In areas where we feel we cannot supply the creative needs to the expected quality level, we utilize our vast network to bring in other audio professionals, actors, musicians, composers, whoever it takes to get the goods for your project. We are not ego-driven, we are quality driven.

Management: Wrangling the audio for any size game can be a daunting task. Many developers use custom technology or commercial audio tools and API’s for authoring and integrating audio into their products. We have used the commercial solutions, and have shipped titles with them. Over the years we have had the opportunity to create, design, and help shape the tools and API’s for the many companies we have worked for. Nothing scares us. Except cockroaches, them suckers is huge here in TX.

And when it comes to people, we can handle them too! We have managed teams with up to 12 on-site resources utilizing external resources on top of that. You could almost call us producers, but we don’t get paid the big bucks like they do.

Stuff: Located in beautiful Austin, Texas – The Sound Department – Austin has everything you need to make your games sound their best. Our studio is comprised of a 5.1 capable mix room and a super tight, scream proof vocal booth. We also have access to a couple of amazing facilities located in South Austin if we need to expand our production needs – Satellite Studios and Wire Recording. Field recording is also a big part of what we do, and we have the know-how and gear to pull off any size recording project.

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If you’d like to know more about The Sound Department – Austin, please drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our crew here…


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