Randy Buck

After a decade in film, TV and live sound, Randy has focused on doing sound for games since 1991.Though he could point to his vast experience and extensive catalog of credited titles, Randy prefers to ‘live in the now’ and is still excited by the challenges of doing great audio for games. As one of the long-time in-house audio directors/project leads that make up The Sound Department, Randy believes this collection of talented individuals are uniquely positioned to provide audio direction, content and services that are tailored to the needs of today’s smart, time-and-budget conscious game developers.

Randy still does the occasional live sound gig as well, notably working with The Video Ranch, providing the live broadcast mix for their music showcases from Austin.

Marc Schaefgen

Marc has been an audio dude in the game industry since 1990. Starting with titles like Wing Commander and Ultima VII. Marc has grown with the Austin game community and has held positions at top Austin developers (Origin, Iguana/Acclaim, Inevitable, Midway.) Over the years Marc has honed his sound design chops while understanding that good management abilities are just as important.

Currently working on his bow hunting, nun-chuck and computer hacking skills, Marc keeps plenty busy, playing guitar in several projects around Austin, most notably The Weeping Buddhas. Active in the community, Marc is a member of the IGDA and serves on the sound design peer panel for the AIAS. He is also working with the AES Game Audio technical committee advisory board which programs content for the AES Conferences.

Jason Cobb

Aside from a brief stint on the road as keyboard tech for Nine Inch Nails, Jason has spent almost his entire adult life making audio for games. His do-whatever-it-takes attitude is matched only by his near-fiendish attention to detail. Jason is as close to a code-head as you can get and still be an audio guy, and no technical audio task is outside his realm. Jason also possesses a great sense of humor that imbues his work and infects those around him.

Current projects include a young daughter and baby son who are both beautiful and charming as well as a positive influence on Jason and his wife Lisa, a fine sound designer in her own right!

Eddie Marianukroh

A fully self-taught composer, as well as a multi-instrumentalist and artist, Eddie’s fascination with music first began by listening to the works of classical composers that his mother would play on their record player during his early childhood. At the age of eleven, he began learning how to play the violin, constantly practicing during his free time, as well as performing with his school orchestra. He would eventually move on to playing the electric guitar as his main instrument at the age of fifteen. It was around this time that he began learning midi sequencing and started creating his first original compositions through recording and utilizing various DAW programs.

A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Eddie is energized by the world of possibilities to grow creatively in music. As of May 2012, Eddie currently resides in Manhattan, New York. Passionate about composing, he regularly collaborates with other musicians, as well as frequently takes on scoring projects in a variety of mediums. A prolific writer, Eddie is a dynamic new addition to the Sound Department roster.


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