Beat-Sliced Guitars Announced!

The Sound Department – Austin is pleased to announce the release of our first sample based instruments – Beat-Sliced Guitars for Kontakt. This is an innovative, dynamic, beat oriented guitar instrument set unlike any other.


Check out the info and demo here.


About marc

Marc Schaefgen has been making noise for games in Austin since 1990. Most notable releases include Wing Commander 1 and 2, Ultima VII 1 and 2, Turok 1-3, The Hobbit, and Area 51. Marc has been an audio dude at Origin, Iguana/Acclaim, Inevitable, and until the fall of 2008 was the Studio Audio Director at Midway Studios-Austin. From there Marc decided to partner up with Randy Buck and Jason Cobb to form The Sound Department – Austin. Notable clients include Activision/Blizzard, Arkane, Buzz Monkey Software, Certain Affinity, Gl33k, and Nihilistic.
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  1. Yeah! More Kontakt libraries!!

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