Crimson Alliance is now available!

A title we’ve been working on has hit the virtual shelf. Crimson Alliance for XBLA is now available for download! The first taste is free so you have no excuse not to go download it right now and play this cool dungeon crawler. We did the sound and music (with the help of our composer friend George Odlziey) and integrated it all with Wwise into Certain Affinity’s proprietary engine. This was a fun and rewarding project to work on and the team at CA and MS were awesome.

About marc

Marc Schaefgen has been making noise for games in Austin since 1990. Most notable releases include Wing Commander 1 and 2, Ultima VII 1 and 2, Turok 1-3, The Hobbit, and Area 51. Marc has been an audio dude at Origin, Iguana/Acclaim, Inevitable, and until the fall of 2008 was the Studio Audio Director at Midway Studios-Austin. From there Marc decided to partner up with Randy Buck and Jason Cobb to form The Sound Department – Austin. Notable clients include Activision/Blizzard, Arkane, Buzz Monkey Software, Certain Affinity, Gl33k, and Nihilistic.
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